Ricardo Esteves

Photographer, mentor and curator of Brazilian artists in Paris

Ricardo Esteves is an independent professional photographer, specialized in portraying great personalities from the institutional and corporate world, who has lived between London and Paris for more than 10 years. His look on France influenced his style of photography and, mainly, his stylistic and social research. Considering his vast experience and knowledge within photography, he recently created an artistic accompaniment project followed by a collective thematic exhibition, “Meu Brasil”, with the aim of involving photographers in the continuous trajectory of artistic development and, through this exhibition space in France, publicize the result of this artistic accompaniment and promote the democratization of Brazilian artistic photography in Europe.

Based on the theme of the country in which they were born and lived, 8 Brazilian artist photographers produced works throughout this process, which was carried out in twelve individual weekly sessions and which allowed them to identify and portray their country of origin through the artistic individualities developed.
Between May 25 and June 1, 2018, in the Bastille region (11th Arr.), In Paris, photographers Marco Escada, Luís Todeschi, Marlene Reinaldo, Igor Gomes, Rose Aguiar, Guilherme Costa Pinto, Adrian Luke Dimarco and Maria Elizabeth Broxado will have the opportunity to exhibit their work at the end of this process and, in the month before the exhibition, there will be a presentation of these participating artists and the dissemination of testimonials from friends on social networks, in order to increase curiosity and visibility in relation to the work carried out by both the artists and Ricardo Esteves himself, who also intends, with this, to repeat in the future the process of accompaniment and exhibition with other Brazilian artists, between September and October of the same year.